National Today Influencer Network
National Today Influencer Network

National Today Influencer Network

Join thousands of influencers looking to connect with kindred creators and brands across the globe.

About Us

Our network was created to be an Influencer hub where content creators can share knowledge, gain valuable insight from business and marketing leaders, join campaigns and most importantly, support each other and the work we do. We call it "Ours" because it is a collective where members can make what they want and gain what they need from their space. 

National Today celebrates holidays of every kind so everyone can find something that lends to their vertical.  We link brands who want to capitalize on the popularity of a day to Influencers who can create content around it.

Why You Should Join Our Network

What can you get here? 

1. Partner with awesome brands from around the world (brands we've worked with - (Bowflex, Laffy Taffy, Mercedes, Valley Fine Foods.....)
2. Learn valuable lessons from marketing, creative, and business professionals
3. Pow wow with other influencers and establish relationships
4. Create engaging content around fun viral holidays

National Today keeps you up to date on all holidays across the year, helping you create fresh and exciting content. For most people it's just fun, but for content creators like yourself, it's an opportunity to link your brand to a brand, a cause or anchor you as an ambassador for a location. 

Here, you'll have the opportunity to network with other influencers and learn more about the world of influence from industry leaders.

Plus, National Today and our parent company will connect you to brands for business opportunities on a regional, national and international level. 

A Big Thanks To You

We are so happy that you have decided to join this network. Without your support and suggestions, National Today wouldn't have made it to the be the leading holiday website in the world. Let's keep celebrating every day!

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